Our Quality

KikiriQuirch is your brand for guaranteed Grade A quality. Our raw poultry line includes: Thighs, Wings, Leg quarters, bone-in and boneless Breast, Whole Chicken, and much more.

Our 100% Natural chicken contains no hormones or artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.

AMS, the grading division of USDA, inspects the quality and affirrms the poultry is Grade A, so you know you are getting the best quality and flavor available.

What is Grade A?

The United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS) requires that poultry plants that request grading, pass a series of necessary poultry inspections to qualify for Grade A certification. This is performed by American Marketing Service , which is the grading division of USDA.

KikiriQuirch products have passed vigorous inspections by AMS for Grade A quality, the highest level attainable. This indicates that our products do not exhibit signs of physical deterioration, such as bruising, discoloration, or traces of plumage. In addition, bone-in products do not contain traces of broken bones. Whole chicken products do not show signs of  the tears in the skin or exposed meat, which can lead to dryness when cooking and under a Grade A certification, are required to be fully fleshed and meaty.

You can learn more about the USDA’s quality inspection and grading process on their website:

Without Hormones, Minimally Processed

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits the use of hormones when raising chickens for consumption.

Support for Families and the Hispanic Community

Quirch Foods, a family-owned and operated business with more than 44 years in the food industry, focuses on more than just providing exceptional quality products. We aim to provide quality service in accord with the family-oriented values of the Hispanic community we serve. Ninety percent of the Quirch workforce (Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and San Juan) is comprised of Hispanics, while more than 200 of the employees at the poultry plant producing KikiriQuirch are also Hispanic.